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oh no ._. i wish i could cuddle you right now.. it must be hard because you have so much new stuff to deal with and get used to. please try not to let it get to you too much and focus on the here and now - i know you will have a great time then ♥

arigatou kishachan! demo ima mou daijoubu^^<3

12.day in japan:
Had breakfast with my friend who visited me at my dormitory (the girls in my unit were so excited for him, it was really funny XD)
Today class started. I walked tothe campus like 25min and after class I walked back again. I really enjoyed it.

I went to two classes and it was really interesting! The first one was ‘Promoting Human Rights Education in Japan’ and the second one ‘Intercultural Communication’. In our classes were both japanese and exchange students, and until now I wouldn’t really believe it, but the japanese students are seriously so bad at english. I mean I’m not good, but at least I can talk to others. But they were so shy and wouldn’t say anything. I tried my best to make them speak and it was a little bit better at the end of the class,but still… I’ll try to help them and maybe they will help me with japanese!

I also went to the Cafeteria for the first time, and it was both cheap and delicious!!

Also I got to talk to my crush again❤❤ I just have to see her and my heart goes dokidoki! Aaaahhh❤❤❤❤

11.day in japan:
There was a welcome ceremony for the exchange students, also a speech, a buffet, campus tour and at the evening a welcome party at a bar.
It was quite nice but some of the guys were so drunk, they acted extremely ridiculous. Ugh I hate drunk people.
One weird french guy tried to grap me and kiss me on the cheek and of course I just pushed him away. Being offended by my rejection he asked if people in austria don’t kiss while obviously staring at my boobs. What an idiot.

But something much more important:
I already have a crush. Omg. Like a really serious one. I haven’t felt like this for a long time… I felt extremely attracted to her from the moment I saw her, and luckily there where a few chances to speak to her too❤
I feel so excited when I think about her, she’s so cute oh god…….. Even if it doesn’t work out the way I wish it to, I’m just really happy I can feel this way❤

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Don’t be. Maybe ask him if he could go through the paper with you on the telephone or through email or Skype? You know,maybe he’s nice and explains and you can do it again,right?

That’s a nice idea but I don’t think I have the courage to do so. Also he gave me the grade like on the last day he could, so there’s no chance to change it anymore. I don’t think he would change it anyway, as I said he’s really strict…

but thank you!^^

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Oh no~ *gives you cookies and hot cocoa* Don’t worry too much about it - it’s probably not even your fault but the teacher’s.There are idiots out like that not realizing that even handing in a fully written paper should at least amount in a PASSED.

thank you T__________T

*eats all the cookies and drink the cocoa*

well, that’s the thing about it, he’s not an idiot, he’s really intelligent but also very strict and it would’ve meant much to me to pass this class…but what should I do.

I always think too much about other peoples opinion of me, especially teachers, I don’t know why. So now I feel really fucking stupid…



カッコイイカッコイイカッコイイどうしよ TuT

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she just stood there doing this little dance until we got up

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Fab musumeyaku, doukis, and Mai crying into her cake because she’s so happy she got to celebrate her birthday like she was in Takarazuka again (deviously captured by Yuri-chan)


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forever sorry to her that i let internalized misogyny, a poorly written character, and bad media turn me against her once. she is amazing

In love w/u

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